Power Tubing Resistance 5 Bands Set BodyX

Power Tubing Resistance 5 Bands Set BodyX

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One of the key advantages of resistance bands over exercise machines and free weights is that they allow a constant resistance over the full range of motion. For example, if you are working with free weights to do bicep curls, the resistance is created by gravity, so resistance is greater during the upswing of the curl (when you are working against gravity) than it is on the downswing (when you are actually being assisted by gravity). With bands, the resistance is constant, which forces you to use more muscle groups, and helps to improve your coordination and balance as you build strength. At Power Systems, we offer a wide variety of resistance bands, ranging from starter sets to individual handles, resistance tubing, and cuffs, so you can create your own resistance bands exercises in custom configurations that you design yourself. We also carry resistance tube training posters and instruction books to get you started.

Spesifikasi :
Color : Yellow Weight : 5.5kg Band length : 150cm
Color : Green Weight: 7.5kg Band length : 150cm
Color : Red Weight : 12.4kg Band length : 150cm
Color : Blue Weight : 14.9kg Band length : 150cm
Color : Black Weight : 22.4kg Band length : 150cm

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