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SMARTWAY Smith combines the best features of a free-weight gym with a built-in premium Smith machine. The new SMART WAY Smith is one of the Safest self-spotting home gyms on the market. The gym enables you to experience the feel of free weghts with the Safety of a Smith machine. The SMART WAY Smith contains the most advanced smith carriage available today. Oilite bushings glide over solid chrome rods providing a piston-like action unmatched by any square carriage. This special carriage is locked instantly lito any of the safety catches by a quick turn of the wrist. The new SMART WAY Smith features dual bar holders and safety rail spotter arms. Our new professional design enables the lifter to perform Smith machine lifting as well as all the tree weight exercises. Our equipment continues to be the industry's loader in Iviovation aid affordability in home gyms.

The Smith Machine is a piece of strength equipment used in weight Training that consists of an Olympic sized barbell that is fixed horizontally to hooked carriages on each side that move vertically along steel rails or guide rods. A smith machine can be used for a wide variety of exercises such as squats, lunges, upright rows, shrugs, chest presses, and military press. Because it has hooks on each side of the bar carriage, it can be racked at any position throughout the movement of the bar, allowing safer use for those who lift without a spotter. The SMARTWAY Smith has the advantage of also being a fully functional half rack with adjustable J-Hooks and safety spotter bars in front, allowig use for free weight training with a non-fixed Olympic bar (sold separately). The adjustable FID bench is the perfect tree weight utility bench for upper body dumbbell exercises. The multi-angled settings on the back pad with independent adjustment for seat allow for use as a decline bench, flat bench, incline bench, and full upright bench press for military press exercises. Use by itself or roll the workout bench inside this fully loaded functional training gym for performing presses on the smith machine or free weight barbell workouts.

 Looking for a sturdy foundation for your home gym program? Look no further! The SMARTWAY Smith-Half Cage Combo provides you with sturdy yet functional set-up that ellows you to progressively increase your strength and power training by giving you a solid work station. This unit includes 15 elegant Chrome bar catches, 4 convenient weight storage pegs, quick adjust pop-pin heavy-duty safety spotters that securely lock into place, linear bearing smith with safety spotters, multiple grip chin-up bar and heavy-duty framee construction.









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